Fashion Reviews- Teen Choice Awards 2013

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One Direction

One Direction's look was mainly brought together by a combination of denim and jackets, however Harry stands out my making a statement with his straw had and unbuttoned shirt. The other 4 lads have gone for very laid back and casual looks with denims, jackets and t-shirts. Obviously they wanted to stay comfortable for their opening performance. Their stylist did well but it isn't their best award show look.

Selena Gomez 
Selena wears a sleek midi green dress. Her look is always very elegant and sophisticated however I feel as though both leg slits is too much on such an elegant piece. Selena try's to make a statement baring both legs however I feel as though statement jewlery or a clutch would have been a better option for her.

Little Mix
These girls (L-R) Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Perrie are known for their unusual, quirky style. This look shows how the girls have their own individual styles while still matching colours in order to stay put together. Jesy's floor length black dress is very elegant and compliments her figure very well while the studs and necklace make it more edgy and true to her style. Leigh-Anne's black and white monochrome skin tight dress emphasises her slim waist, her Afro hair style gives an old school vibe to the outfit. Jades cute above the knee dress sits perfectly on her body frame and her head piece links back to her unique style. Perrie's dress shows off her rocky side, her ponytail hair style shows her more edgy style and pulls the whole look together. 

Miley Cyrus 
Miley always knows how to stand out from a crowd but I'm not a fan of her outfit for this event although being crowned for choice trendsetter I feel as though Miley is trying a bit too hard to break the perception of her Disney girl years. Her sheer blouse should have been paired with a cami top or black bandeau rather than the black bra she has on here. I would have preferred if her hair was put into the quiff she sports at many award shows and the look could have been brightened up with a right lipstick.

Cher Lloyd 
Cher is also known for a more edgy urban style. Here she tried to bring that together with a more sophisticated look with a matching crop top and skirt. I like this look but I feel it would have complimented her figure more if it was a one piece dress. Her gold statement necklace helps to bring out the gold shimmer in the top and skirt and helps to brighten an otherwise dull outfit. 

Lily Collins 
Lily's outfit is right on trend matching black and white through out. Her black and white high low skirt emphasised and elongates her legs but the back of the skirt is a little bit too long as it is all bunched up together in this photograph. I like the colour change in the inside of the dress as it adds something deferent to the outfit and helps to brighten it after all it is summer!

That is if for this Fashion Review for the Teen Choice Awards 2013. 

Please keep in mind that all views expressed are my own and I am not trying to offend anyone.

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