Back to School- Making Friends

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've had a busy few weeks! This post is going to be about helping you all to make new friends for this new school year.

Weather you are just starting at a new school or only starting into a new year making friends is one of the most important elements of school life. Friends help you through so much and provide a support group for you during your school life. 

In school I was a very shy person and found it quite difficult to make many friends. I used to just surround my self with people I already knew. I mainly had guy friends as I found that it was a lot easier to talk to them. 

Here are some tips for making friends in school: 

1) If you are put in a class where you don't know anyone don't just sit in the back of the classroom by yourself, have the courage to go over to someone ask can you sit down with them the worst they can say is no. This will show people that you are confident and don't mind being out of your comfort zone! 

2) Join a team or club, school is a chance to experience new and different things so try out for different sports teams and clubs, you might end up loving the activity and making some life long friends. Making friends with people that have a similar interest to you is very easy as you will have a topic of conversation to always fall back on if you get to an awkward silence! 

3) Smile. This seems to be easier than it really is as it takes confidence to make eye contact with people in a hallway but when you do just smile at them this will make you seem more approachable and people will want to get to know you more . 

Those are my 3 main tips for making friends in a new school. Just don't be afraid to talk to anyone! You have to remember that you are beautiful an have the confidence within you to be able to walk up to someone and at least introduce yourself. 

I want you to make a promise to yourself right now that you are going to try to make at least one new friend in this school year. You never know this one new friend could be the best thing that's ever happened to you! :) 

Please leave any feedback in the comments below and tweet me any requests @NiamhSecretLife 

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