New Month- New Me- September Challenge

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Ok so basically this September I am starting I university and I plan from now on to change my life for the better, to make the best of the opportunities and chances I am given, to meet new people and to enjoy life more. Today is September 1st and from now on I am revamping my lifestyle.

My first task is: Clean, tidy and reorganise my bed room. My room had been a right mess lately as I have been studying loads for my exams and have had very little chance to clean and keep it tidy. Today I am doing a complete overhaul of my room, cleaning out my closet, reorganising books and creating a clean, relaxing and soothing space for me. I will take before and after shots of different parts to my bedroom and show what changes have been made. 

My second task is: Changing my outlook on life. This is definitely a more difficult task to take on however I am willing to change the way I look at life and make the most of what I've been given to work with! I will start to value people more in my life, make more time for the people I care about and make a conscious effort to meet up with people and remain in contact with old friends. I will begin to look at situations and take the positives out of them. I'll take what ever I get with a pinch of salt and get on with what I have to do no matter what. 

My third task is: Making new friends. As I have said above I'm starting university this month and I don't know many people doing the same course as me therefore I need to make a conscious effort to step slightly out of my comfort zone and begin to reach out to more people. I'm not going to go into too much detail about how I plan to make friends as I have done a blog post of that previously. 

My fourth task is: Taking more care of my skin and body. I have to admit I'm not the best person in the world for proper skin care routines but this month I will take the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night, I will also moisturise my body on a daily basis. I will begin to take regular exercise and eat a healthy diet in order to stay fit and healthy. I will stop drinking so much fizzy drinks and drink more water, I will cut out a large portion of junk food snacks and replace them with healthier options ( I will do a blog post about healthy lunch/ snack ideas soon). 

My fifth task is: Take care of my mind and spirit. I plan to do this by taking 10-15 minutes each day to relax and unwind. This may be in the morning after waking up or at nighttime before going to bed. I will disconnect myself from the outside world and focus on thoughts inside my head and breathing to relax myself. 

My sixth task is: To become more adventurous. This will involve trying new things I wouldn't normally do, be it new foods, new make up products, fashion choices, different activities. Whatever it is I'm gonna take the opportunity to do it! I want to begin to enjoy my life more and experience new things with new people. I'm ready to say goodbye to the old me and recreate a me that's unafraid to try new things. 

These are challenges that I am setting myself to do for the month of September as I embark on a new journey in college. I'm going to become a better person, not let people get to me the way they did before and just live and love the life I've been given while I'm young. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. 

I hope this will help you guys in creating a new and improved you and help you to become more adventurous this September because I want each and everyone one of you reading this today to  be happy in the life you are living and to enjoy it to the fullest! 

Thank you all for reading and as always please leave any feedback in the comments section below and tweet me requests @NiamhSecretLife x

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