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Hey guys! Sorry I've been so MIA recently, I have just started a new chapter of my life and I wanted to foucs on that for a while rather that trying to juggle everything together and get all mumbled up.

The new chapter is.. dun dun dun.. UNIVERSITY!! Yes I know I can't believe I've started at university either.. It seems like it was just yesterday I was putting on my school uniform and heading into the big crazy world that is secondary school! 

Three weeks ago I entered the scary realm that is university life, me being me was completely oblivious to what was instore for me. The first day of a new school is always daunting, but it's a completely different kettle of fish when you are plopped into a huge campus with over 13,000 students. You never know what to expect but I was completely overwhelmed when I first stepped out if my dads car. The corridors were packed and I couldn't see anyone that looked familiar, I did begin to panic and got very scared of how the rest of the day was going to unfold. 

Having said that I bucked up the courage to keep my head up and chat to new people, after all we were all doing the same course, I met some really lovely people and made great friends instantly. I am very thankful that I didn't see anyone I knew when I first went in because I know that I wouldn't have met the people I did! 

As difficult as it was for me to talk to new people, I decided it would be best to because you never know what might happen if you do. If you have any difficult talking to new people or making friends in a new school check out one of my previous blog posts on Making New Friends.

If any of you are experiencing any difficulty at shool or you're starting a new chapter in your life just like me please don't be hesitant to ask me anything! I'm always here for you guys no matter what! :)

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Have a fantastic day! Xx

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