Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

By 23:44

Right now it is 23.15 on September 29th and for some strange reason I am feeling in a extra happy and positive mood, so I decided to scribble down what makes me happy, and all my soppy mushy feelings.

For obvious reasons family and friends are one of my main sources of happiness in my life and I am so thankful to have such amazing peeps as my support group. As most families do we've had our dramatic ups and downs but who hasn't? We've stuck together through thick and thin and I know we'll always have each other. Family is one of the most important things in life as they are your safety blanked that you can always fall back on or that extra little push to drive for something more. I love my family to bits and wouldn't change anything about any one member or anything we've been though.

Like most people my age (18 btw) I've experienced many a friendship drama, and as upsetting it is at the time looking back on it now it really means nothing, all the stupid little fights I had with people are forgotten about and if I met those people we'd always stop for a chat and a catch  up. I know any of you that are experiencing difficulty with your friends might find it hard to believe that in a few years time you will all just forget about it and move on but believe me you will. If falling out with a friend is the biggest problem in your life you are doing well! :) Falling out with friends helps to make you realise who your true friends are so don't dwell on it! :) Try to move on and in 2-3 years time all will be forgotten and you might be back besties again. The friends I have now are so dear to me and I would literally do anything for them, even just talking to them for 5 minutes can change the my mood completely, and that's when you know you have good friends. If you are having a bad day and someone can make you smile, hold on to that person, they're for keeps. :)

Other things that make me happy are the simple things in life:
Food- I love me some food!! :D
Warm summer days- These are the best!
The crisp Autumn leaves- Who doesn't love this??
The soothing sound of the ocean- Not that I hear it much.
Music- This pretty much goes without saying.
And of course my idols- If you follow my twitter you should be able to guess! :)

Leave some of the things that make you happy in the comments down below and if you ever what to chat, hit me up on twitter, I literally live on it! ;) @NiamhSecretLife


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