Bedroom Make-Up Organisation

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As a follow up post to my previous September challenge I am going to share with you some of the ways I organise beauty products in my bedroom.

1) Make up brushes. Nowadays I tend to store my brushes in a jar that I have recycled. You can use any jar, for instance my one was a beet root jar that I cleaned and removed labels off. I then painted the jar in my choice of colours using acrylic paint in purple and orange.
I chose what pattern I wanted to make the jar then carefully lined it out using tape, I painted the colour and waited for it to dry and continued with the other colour. I left the paint set and dry for over 24 hours to ensure it was fully dry before adding my brushes. 

2) Eye shadows, Mascara, Eyeliner. I store all of these products in an old sweet jar with the lid removed. I didn't paint this jar as I can see the colours of the eyeshadows more clearly. 

3) Lip sticks. I mainly store my lipsticks in a rectangular box, I also have some gel liner and smaller brushes to not damage them. I like to leave my lipsticks this way as they are easy to find and access. 

4) Nail Polish. I store my nail polishes in a basket along with other nail products such as cuticle oil. I find this useful as it is easy to see the polish and they can be sorted by brand. I store the basket on a shelf on my bookshelf. 

This is all of my make up organisation tips. I hope they help you to organise your make up collection. 

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