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Happy Sunday everyone!

As everyone is back at school or college I decided I would make a post helping you guys to study and achieve the best grades possible. I have previously done a back to school blog post about making friends in a new school which you can check out here.

Its almost October which means that the majority of us have been back to school about a month which can only mean one thing.. time to get back to brass tax and let the study and revision begin. I know when I was in school I found it very difficult for the first year or two to actually learn how to study. Different people find different ways of studying easier and have their preferred options, I'm going to share with you my tips and tricks that helped me in my school days! :)

I really hope these tips help you and best of luck to each and every one of you in this school year! :)

Find a quite place.
Finding a quite place to study is one of the most important things about study. Make sure the space is large enough for all your equipment ( books, notepads, laptop,etc), for me the best place to study was at my desk in my bedroom, but some of you may find it easier to study on your bed or on the floor which is totally fine if that suits you. Each person has a preferred option.

Flash Cards.
I find flash cards incredibly useful for writing quotes, definitions or for even just summarizing key points of chapters on. They are easy to use and ensure you only write what is important because they are so small. They are very handy to have in your bag or pencil case to whip out during a free period.

Coloured Pens and Highlighters.
I find that using bright colours when studying helps me to focus and also makes notes prettier and funner, however I DO NOT recommend handing up assignments in these coloured pens as your teachers may not like that and I don't want any of you getting in trouble for it! So for homework stick to ordinary blue black and red but for your notes branch out a little and use pinks and purples! ;) Highlighting mega important stuff also helps to draw your attention to things when revising the nigh before an exam! :) 

Set Time Limits.
Setting time limits for yourself not only helps you to focus but also ensures you don't just spend all your time studying your favorite subject and none of the subjects you don't like. Make a time-table for yourself and give yourself a reasonable time to spend studying that subject, set a timer and when the time is up MOVE ON!

Put away that phone!
Mobile phones are the most distracting things when it comes to study, put it away, turn it off, or give it to your mom to hide while you study. This will help you to focus on what actually needs to be done and it will be done properly. Believe me you will feel much better when you get to use your phone after doing your study. I'm not saying you have to go without your phone for the whole night while  you study take 5-10 minute breaks after every time limit to catch up on the latest Facebook or twitter gossip but make sure its only for 5-10 mins then get back up and do more study! :)

I really hope these few tips and tricks will help and benefit you in the next few years of school and you do fantastic in your exams! :) 
Best of luck to anyone doing important exams this year and STAY CALM! 

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