Fitness Friday #2

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Happy Friday everyone.. It's time for another Fitness Friday! :) I hope you enjoyed last weeks post about this. So if you've read that post (surprise link HERE) you'll know that I have started a fitness routine where I am aiming to do 0-10K run in about 15  weeks and be fit and healthy be 2014! :) If you would like to know more about what I'm doing please go check out that post as I don't want to be explaining every week! :)

So I started the fitness program on Saturday last and to be honest it was a lot harder then I expected it to be. I thought the first day of walking for 1.5 mins and running for 1 min over a 30 period time frame would have been no bother to me but I was wrong, you're constantly pushing your self to keep going but I really am enjoying the program and I'm excited to continue it and see what the end result it! :)

Some tips I have for any of you that wish to start a similar program are as follows:
1) Plan your route first, this is one thing I didn't do and I think it would have been mush easier if I knew the exact route would take me the 30 mins before I got back to my house, however my original route was much too short, I ended up having to do part of the route twice due to the time frame. Now however I know what route I need to take which is very beneficial as I can prepare myself for hills or declines and I know what to expect

2) Drink plenty of water before going on the run, this will help to keep you hydrated and you will not tire out as easily. You can also bring some water with you for when the time of the run is increased however it can be annoying carrying around a bottle of water! :)

3) Don't eat anything too heavy before running, I know this is common knowledge but please listen to it, it is a very important piece of advice as there is nothing worse than the feeling of food rolling around in your stomach while running (sorry to be so graphic).

I hope these tips were helpful and that you are enjoying these little update style posts. If you have any queries or questions to ask me about please leave them in the comments below or tweet me them @NiamhSecretLife :)

Also please check out my previous blog post from earlier today HERE! :)

Cheerio x.

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