Life Favourites

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Hey guys.. Today I wanted to share with you some little things about me so you can get to know me a little bit better.. Hope you enjoy! :)

My Girl, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess

2.TV Show
Friends, Scrubs, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Fawlty Towers, Ms. Browns Boys.

3.Snack Food
Cheese and onion Taytos, Chocolate, and most sweets.

My Dads curry and Christmas dinner.

I like small cute dogs. :)

Home. Though I do want to travel the world (someday Niamh, someday)

7.Makeup Brand
Most of my stuff is Rimmel, so Rimmel.

Everything! Jeans, shorts, dresses.. I love dresses! :)

9.Handbag that you've ever owned
I had one when I was a little younger, it was small but it was white, pink and green in a cool pattern (sadly i have no clue where it is now) I also got a cool denim one when I was in Mallorca one year!

10.Car either that you own or would like to own
I need to have a mini cooper in my life! It is my dream car! I've wanted one since I was about 8, I saw a picture of one on the back of a Weetabix box and fell in love with them! I'm not sure what colour I want yet though!

Well that's it for my life favourites, if there's anything else you want to know about me ask me in the comments below and you can answer these questions too!

Love ya,
Niamh x

*Disclaimer- I did not make this TAG, I found the questions on YouTube!*

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