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Hey guys, today's post is going to be about stress in school and personal lives.

I know many people and possible many of you reading this post right now have experienced times of extreme stress and many of you may suffer from anxiety. I know myself I have awful difficulty stressing about small things and stuff like exams, and if I'm completely honest with you guys I think I may suffer from slight case of anxiety.

Coming up to important exams in school or big events in my personal life I begin to panic and i'm constantly worrying about little details that affect those situations. For instance on Monday last (those of you who follow my twitter may recall me tweeting about how stressed I was) I had my first ever university exam (mind you it was only worth 30% of my final grade I couldn't help but stress hugely over it.

The weekend before my exam I spend almost all day studying for it on Saturday AND Sunday, I couldn't sleep Sunday night worrying about it, which obviously didn't help. On Monday I had 3 hours off from lectures and I began to panic study.. I was frantically flicking though pages in my book trying to memorise every last detail (which is impossible to do, especially if you're panicking) and in the last hour before the exam I felt as though I knew nothing at all. You might know what comes next..

 I began to panic really badly, as I was studying with my friend I needed to run off to be alone for a few minutes to try to calm myself down, so I ran off to the bathrooms where I tried to pull myself together slightly before going outside to get some well needed fresh air. This did help to settle me for a little while until we got into the room whee there was about 400 people doing the same exam. Many of you may know what I like to call "The Post Exam Buzz", where everyone is constantly talking and getting settled and trying to predict whats going to come up on the exam. Before, for small class tests I used to actually enjoy chatting among my friends about these things but for bigger and more important exams, I do not! I prefer to be left alone in silence where I can have a few minutes peace before the exam began. So as expected this did not help me in any way shape or form.

Then the exam began.. Well the exam was an exam and as expected, was very difficlut.. But the worst part was when the lecturer decided to tell us there was 5 minutes left when I though we had 20.. So needless to say I did not finish my exam.. Many of you may know the feeling when you come out of an exam that a huge weight was lifted from your shoulders, yeah? Well this was NOT one of them, and being honest I felt slightly worse them i did going in which in never a good thing.

I know many people give the advice of "try not to stress to much over it " or "don't panic it'll all be okay" but if you stress naturally or have anxiety you just cannot help it and sometimes this "advice" just makes you feel worse.

I know its hard to try and relax before a stressful event but please make sure you make time fir yourself, take a few hours out to be alone to just breather and calm your nerves and if its a situation similar to mine where you have an exam try and keep yourself away from people doing the same exam for as long as possible because it will just make you stress more.

If you are ever experiencing difficulty with stress please don't hesitate to contact me.. All  my links and info are in the "contact" page of this blog. I promise I will not judge and situation you are going through and if you want it to be confidential it will be . Trust me!

Love ya,
Niamh x

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