Penny's/ Primark Haul

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Hey Guys, so I went shopping yesterday and had a little splurge in Penny's (or Primark if you're in the U.K.) and well a LOT of stuff was bought.. yes including a Christmas jumper.. So here's what I got! :)

Penny's €10
So Firstly I got these leggings, yes I know they're Christmas ones but I just couldn't leave them behind, they are super comfy and warm. And with reindeer and snowflakes.. What more could a girl want?? 

Penny's 2pk €3
Penny's 2pk €3

Penny's €12

This wine coloured jumper is an essential for me for the Autumn and Winter time, the colour is just perfect and will go with anything. It is so warm and soft that there is no way you will be letting in the crisp cold air when out and about (though on really freezing days I do recommend a coat of some sort).

Penny's  €18

This is the most amazing knitted item of clothing I have ever owned. It is so soft, warm and cuddly and I love it. I bought it in a larger size so I it would be even more cosy and I could just pull it on over anything when I'm feeling a bit chilly.

These 2 shirts cost €9 each ( in case of any confusion). I absolutely love them, the colours are amazing and the material is really soft. They are also perfect for wearing under the wine jumper I got (see above). 

Yes I got a Christmas jumper.. I saw it and couldn't leave it behind.. It is so warm and I now literally cannot wait until the festive season so I can wear it all the time along with my reindeer leggings.. EEEEP! the excitement is setting in already and it's not even Halloween!! :D 

Well that's all the stuff I got in Prnny's I hope you enjoyed this haul, and please let me know if you like these kind of posts in the comments below or on my twitter @NiamhSecretLife. Don't forget to follow while your there! :) 

Cheerio x.

Who doens't need warm thermal socks for the Fall and Winter time? I know I do! These are super warm and cosy and a complete bargain at €3.

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