September Favourites

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Hey Guys and Happy October. Today I'm going to be sharing some of my favorites in beauty and some random bits for the month of September! :) I hope you enjoy!

1) My first beauty favorite is my Rimmel  London Match Perfection Foundation. I use the shade 010 ( light porcelain) because I have very pail skin. This foundation has been good for the summer and slightly warmer months because it is nice and light and you don't feel as though your face is caked with 10 pounds of make-up. I will definitely be re-purchasing this foundation again!

2) I use the Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder in translucent as they didn't have a shade light enough to match my unusually pale skin! They powder if very light weight and works well to set your foundation and give a matte look. I use this all over my face after using foundation and concealer to set it and blend them all together. I find that this powder works very well with my Rimmel Foundation.

3) Only recently I have started using gel liner as previously I wore liquid. I have been loving this Rimmel London waterproof gel eyeliner, at first i found it difficult to use as I was so sued to pen liquid liners, but I quickly got the hang of it and find it much easier to use now. This one comes with a ting eyeliner brush however i prefer to use my Avon angles liner brush as I find it easier to use.

4) There has been two lipsticks I've really been loving this month and they are both Rimmel London, the first is a bright red colour in the shade 120 "Be Bold" and the second is the shade 030 "Tell No One". These are both really bright colours and are very pigmented. I find that they show up really well on your lips to add an extra something to your make up!  

5) My next favorite is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter with shea butter and aloe vera. I use this moisturiser after my showers and after shaving, i find it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The Luxurious feel of the butter its great for those days when you just feel like pampering yourself. This is a mega must have for me and will definitely be re-purchased when i run out. I've been using the product for about a month and there's still loads of product left so I'm sure it will last me a long time! :)

 6) My last beauty favourite is my Clean & Clear Morning Energy Oil-Free Exfoliating Scrub. I have really been loving this product as it helps to freshen and soften your skin. I do not use this every day as I have quite sensitive skin but when I do use it I find myself using it in the shower as it is easier to put on and wash off. It is also a very cheap alternative to more expensive products with a similar function. :) 

That is it for my beauty Favourites for this month, now on to random ones! :D

This month I have really been loving Ariana Grande's album Yours Truly, I think she is absolutely amazing!
I also love Little Mix's new song Move, its a really good "feel-good" song that you just want to get up and dance to!

My favourite movie this month has to be... THIS IS US by ONE DIRECTION I just think it was absolutely amazing really funny and gave an enjoyable insight into the lives of the boys behind the scenes.

Just been loving all kinds of food this month, chocolate, fruit desserts.. Anything.. You name it and I'll most likely like it! ;)

That is all for this months favourites, please comment down below some of your September favourites and also if you want me to do more monthly favourites in the future! :) Please dont forget to follow this blog and find me on twitter @NiamhSecretLife 

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