Halloween Throwback Thursday/ Tag

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So as it's Halloween, and Thursday I decided to share with you some of my old Halloween costumes from when I was a child! :)
Hope you enjoy me embarrassing myself!

I don't know how old I am here, but I was pretty young so it's your standard throw a mask on a child and your outfits complete! :P 

I hope you're ready for this next one cause I'm not sure I want this on the internet.. Butttt I'm pretty sure it's already been on Facebook so here goes nothing....

Yeaaaahh.. Do I even need to say anything here?? Basically my cousins birthday is on Halloween and she was having a birthday party and everyone had to dress up (she's 3 years younger than me btw) and then this happened.. Don't you just LOVE my spider web tights?? :/

Well that was actually the only photos I could find of me for Halloween... So as this would be a super short post I decided to do the YouTube Halloween Tag, but blog style.. Hope you enjoy! 

1) Are you dressing up this year?
At the minute no, as I'm not fully sure what I'm doing, but if i was it would be something pretty simple.

2) Is your go-to Halloween look funny, scary, sexy, etc?
It's basic.. Would probably consist of a shirt and nerd glasses.. or some eyeliner to make myself into a cat! (So original I know lol)

3) What is your favorite Halloween tutorial, on either youtube or blog?
I have to admit MacBarbie07's Minion Tutorial was pretty amazing

4) What is your favorite childhood costume, and what is your most embarrassing childhood costume?
Most embarrassing hmmm.. That's already been covered I think... (above)

5) Are you going trick or treating?
I would absolutely love to go around the student accommodation from University trick or treating this year just for the laugh and to see how many people would just laugh and turn us away! :P But thats not going to happen! :( 

6) Do you throw and/or attend Halloween parties?
Neither really.. I've only been to a few.. and they were mainly my cousins Halloween birthday parties as mentioned above.

7) Do you decorate your home? Inside, outside or both?
We used to decorate it a lot when we were younger but not anymore as we rarely get trick or treaters any more, though one year we were building an extension and the old part of the house has to be re-plastered so all the walls had massive lines/ cracks outside which was pretty creepy for Halloween! :P

8) What is your favorite Halloween candy or food?
Caramel apples and BarwanBrack ( I love getting the ring out of it)

9) What is your favorite scary movie?
Favourite scary scary movie would have to be " One Missed Call" (its really creepy though) but favourite Halloween movie, without a doubt is Hocus Pocus!  

10) Are you the prankster or the prankee?
Never really have pranks at Halloween, but I imagine I would be the prankee..

11) Do you believe in ghosts? 

12) What is your favorite Halloween memory?
Going trick or treating with all the kids from my road in a big group and going back to one of the houses for party and did "money bobbing" and trying to take a bite from an apple hanging from the stairs.. Those were always the best! :)

Well that's enough embarrassment for one night! :) I really hope you all enjoyed this post and I want any of you bloggers reading this to do this tag too or tweet me your favouite Halloween memories to my twitter! :) 

Love ya,
Niamh x

*Disclaimer- I did not make this TAG. I found the questions on YouTube.*

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