Fitness Friday #5

By 08:12

Happy Friday guys, yes its time for another Fitness Friday update. As you may know from following my updates that my great big plan to run 3 times a week hasn't exactly been going to plan because of college stress and the wonderful Irish weather we have here. So I've now decided to change up my plan a little (or a big) bit.

During the summer I began using Cassey Ho's Blogilaties program and I really liked it but I found that after about 2 weeks I began to lose track of it, I think this is because I didn't have a schedule and so I've decided that now today is November 1st I'm going to start the program again and hopefully will start to see some results this time!

I did really enjoy using Cassey's program and found that the videos were quick (but not so easy) to do and her bouncy energy made them very enjoyable and fun! I can't wait to get back into using it again! :)

If any of you would like to join me in this new fitness plan Cassey's links are as follows:

Love ya,
Niamh x

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