Niamh's November Natters

By 20:33

Hey guys! Welcome to the 3rd episode of Niamh's November Natters! I hope you all had a great day/ will have one! :)

Today was pretty boring for me to be honest. I was in college all day even though I only had 1 Lecture and an excel lab to go to! I'm so tired now though and I'm starting to get really stressed. Its now week 9 of college and the semester ends in week 12, then we have one study week then our exams start. I really need to get stuck into my books but I literally have no motivation to! :( I'm so swamped with my accounting assignment and I don't even know what to do with it! I also have a presentation due Friday and I'm so super nervous about that cause I've to speak in front of the whole class!! AHHH!!!

Today has just been one of those days when I so fed up and I just want to sleep for about a week.. or til Christmas!! :D

Anyways I need to go wind down and relax for a while! Sorry this was such a short post and that there was no main one today! I'm just too tired! :(

Love ya.

Niamh x

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