Niamh's November Natter #1

By 20:07

Good evening guys! :) Tonight's post is the first of my Niamh's November Natters series. If you dont know what this is please read this post so you understand! :)

So basically all I did today was study.. oh what fun that was.. NOT.. well really but study I mean trying to study while getting distracted by Twitter and the works! but to be honest I'm not surprised at all with that! So I got half of the amount of study done that I wanted to so I'll just have to do the other half tomorrow!

I was also chatting to my bestest friend and we are planning a trip to Dublin after Christmas for some shopping. We are half thinking of vlogging the trip.. Would any one actually be interested in watching that? We've been planning to start YouTube channels since the summer but never got around to it so we think this would be a fun thing to start off with! :) Let me know what you all think in the comments below and also check out his blog! :)

Well I guess that's really it for today's post I'm gonna go make some tea not and watch X-Factor. Who's your favourite contestant? :)

Love ya,
Niamh x

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