Niamh's November Natter #2

By 21:03

Hey guys! to be honest I wasn't planning on posting one of these today but so much has happened today that I just can't not write about it! :P

So to start off i should only have been studying all day, but then I remembered that the Teen Awards was on, I wasn't able to watch it but I was keeping up with it on twitter as some of you may have seen and I totally freaked out when Zoe won!! :D

THEN Jim Chapman hit one million subscribers on YouTube which caused more fangirling on my part! :) Proud moments all round for the YouTube fandom! :)

I've just watched X-Factor and Little Mix were amazing performing!! <3 I love them so much!! I'm also so SHOCKED that Tamera was in the bottom two.. Like WHAT?? She's so incredible!!

Anyways that's it for now!
Let me know if you like these quick short update posts in the comments below! :)

Love ya,
Niamh x

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