My Favourite Autumn Shoes

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Hey guys, this post has been inspired by Niomi Smart's blog post about her shoe collection (which you can read here, also don't forget to follow her because she's amazing). My shoe collection is an awful lot smaller than Niomi's but here are two of my favourite shoes to wear during the autumn time! Hope you enjoy.

The Wedged Boot.

The first are this pair of dark brown wedged boots. I absolutely love these shoes, as they are perfect for dressing up a casual pair of jeans for going out to dinner or something. I wouldn't wear these on an everyday basis as they aren't really suitable for college but I do love to wear them if I'm ever doing something slightly on the more dressy side of life. These are a few years old so i'm not sure if they're available anymore but they are from Penny's/ Primark.

Tan Everyday Boots.

I call these the "everyday" boot because I've literally been wearing them everyday for the lat 3 weeks since I got them! I'm obsessed with these boots. They are so comfy and perfect for wearing around college as they keep my feet warm and dry. They're also perfect for wearing big fluffy socks with for extra warmth. I got these from Noname and I believe they were about €35, a bit pricey but they are definitely worth it! :) 

 Well that's it for this shoe post. Obviously I have been wearing other shoes as well (sometimes :P) but these are the two that I absolutely love to death.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments other types of posts you'd like to see here! :)

Love ya,
Niamh x

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