Wednesday Wishlist

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I recently did a bit of online browsing on multiple clothes stores and fell in love with so many things so I decided I'd share some things that I want to get.

This high neck crochet skater dress is just perfection, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and for only €32.49 on the Misguided website it is an absolute steal. The dress is so delicate and pretty it would be perfect for a fancy occasion during the summer.

I think this dress speaks for itself. The plunging lace neckline combined with the flowy skirt and lace sleeves a perfect combination of elegance and fun thrown together. This dress is a bit more pricey than the last one at €51.99 but it would be a good investment for a spring/summer wedding. 


I was scrolling through some incoming summer trends when I stumbled across this article in MarieClaire. The problem with seeing Primark hauls or articles featuring clothes from Primark is that you can never tell if its a good thing or a bad thing. This one was so good its bad for me. It featured some of the incoming stock which made me (A Primarkaholic) fall in love and what to but everything. And worst of all there was no prices with the clothes so I couldn't even say to myself  "No Niamh you can't have that you can't afford it" instead it was more like "Yes Niamh buy EVERYTHING". Here are a few of my favourite bits.

I'm big into jewellery this season and I love these two necklaces. They are so cute and summery. They will help to brighten a dull outfit. 

I have fallen head over heels with this envelope clutch. I love love love the colour blocking in it and I need it in my life!!

I've had my eye on these shorts for a while. I think they are so cute with the cut-outs in the bottom and would be perfect for those hot summer tips to the beach.

I haven't owned a pair of dungarees since I was a child but I saw these and instantly fell in love with them they look so comfortable and I think if they are paired with the right accessories they could make a great summer outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my wishlist. If any of you know the prices of anything from Primark please let me know in the comments or tweet them to me cause that would be super helpful!

Love ya,
Niamh x

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