Where Have I Been?

By 19:53

Hey Guys! I know I promised to start posting more this year and that hasn't happened at all, I've just been really buys with my college work and I found it hard to find the time to write, so tonight we'll have a little catch up of what I've been up to for the last few months.

So back on January 27th I went back to college and I've really been trying to focus on improving my grades as they weren't the best they could have been at Christmas time. So most of my weekends consist of studying and writing notes (sounds like so much fun right?). I feel as though I have much more of a handle on my studies than I did last semester and I somehow managed not to have a panic attack/ breakdown 2 weeks ago when I had 4 midterm exams and a 2000 word essay all on the same week (great success).

This semester I've also been trying to overcome my fear of going out into crowed nightclubs with extremely drunk people and I have succeeded in doing this, I know its a sad thing for a 18 year old to say but I'm actually very proud of myself for pushing myself to do it. It's helped me to be able to see my friends more and let lose a bit from my studies and have a bit of fun.

Me and one of my best friends Mark
I'd also taken a bit of a break from watching YouTube videos and reading blogs which I'm very surprised that I did because ye know how obsessed I am. I've been slowly getting back into them and I can't wait to be fully caught up with what I've missed. For those of you wondering I'm still hoping to start my own channel over the summer if I get the time (FINGERS CROSSED).

What have you been up to lately? :)

Love ya,
Niamh x

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